Rejoice, PvPers: WoW Arena Season 4 starts June 24

Warning: if you don't play World of Warcraft you might want to cover your ears. What you're about to hear will not make any sense, and will likely confuse and enrage you. If you do play WoW, then you might be very pleased to hear that Arena Season 4 is starting earlier than expected, reportedly kicking off June 24.

As always, Arena ratings will reset at the start of the new season, with Season 3 top teams and players earning their requisite titles, and top players receiving the coveted Armored Nether Drakes. Season 1 items will be gone for good, with Season 2 items being purchasable with Honor, and Season 3 gear receiving a drop in cost and rating requirements. These changes haven't gone into effect just yet, so WOW Insider recommends buying Season 1 gear now if you really really want it.

Okay. That's all the zany Warcraft techno-babble we have for now. You can uncover your ears, non-WoWers -- not that it did any good considering this is all text.

[Via WOW Insider]