Mario Super Sluggers features new characters, super moves

Mario's baseball-oriented outing hasn't exactly been as hotly anticipated as his other platforming, racing, and fighting adventures. Perhaps that's the reason info on Mario Super Sluggers has been a bit slow since the first mild announcement last October. Those who do have a penchant for wacky sports titles will be elated at these few new details, courtesy of Siliconera.

According to their report, the game's cavalcade of Super Mario staples will each have their own unique batting and pitching powers. Mario swings away with a feisty fireball, while Yoshi pitches in an arching rainbow.

Tiny screens also reveal a number of less-than-obvious character additions, like the residents of Delfino Island, Dixie Kong, and... Goombas. If anyone knows how the armless baddies of Mushroom Kingdom are expected to either bat, throw, or catch, please let us know.