Wii storage for 'geeks and otaku', says Nintendo marketing director

As Nintendo's WiiWare service ramps up with new content added every week, avid Wii users are finding themselves burning through the console's paltry 512MB of internal memory quite quickly. So we find it a bit odd that Nintendo's European Marketing Director not only considers the issue unimportant, but thinks it wise to berate those concerned with it by calling them names.

Speaking to Edge Magazine, NOE Marketing Director Laurent Fischer was surprisingly dismissive of the growing space demands of WiiWare titles. According to him, only "geeks and otaku" want the issue actually addressed. Which just hurts.

If by "geeks and otaku," Mr. Fischer, you mean Nintendo's loyal fanbase who download every game released, then there may some truth in that. But calling them names certainly won't keep those "geeks and otaku" loyal for much longer.