Google's Andy Rubin talks Android, demos apps

We've already seen plenty of screenshots and videos of Android in action, but it's not every day Andy Rubin, Google's Senior Director of Mobile Platforms, is behind the controls, and he recently demoed the open-source phone OS to a group of reporters. Rubin specifically demonstrated non-touchscreen versions of the platform, showing off a browser designed entirely for button-based navigation, and also hit upon Android's ability to multitask, using Google Maps seamlessly with a media player and a photo app running in the background. Take that, iPhone. Of course, the hardware itself was kept super-secret, but since Android is designed to work on any phone with at least a 200MHz processor, it's understandable that Google isn't interested in distracting us with specific phone models when the focus is clearly on the OS. We'll just have to wait until later in the year to get our hands on an actual device -- hopefully the screenshots at the read links will tide you over.

[Thanks, Tarek]

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