LG, Control4 team up on HDTV automation system for hotels

The news is flowing hot and heavy from the hospitality sector today, as just moments after LG announced a slew of new LodgeNet-enabled flat-panels, along comes word that the aforementioned outfit and Control4 are teaming up to develop a swank new automation system for the lodging industry. More specifically, the two will co-develop an "integrated automation system for HDTV sets that will allow hotel guests to control lighting, room temperature, draperies and entertainment systems through the television with a single remote control." Better still, the eventual solution will be integrated into LG's hotel TVs, eliminating the need for yet another set-top-box in the room. Regrettably, there's nary a mention of when this (amazing sounding) system will be available (nor where it will be available), but we can definitely see this swaying the avid traveler when it comes time to book the next business trip.