Rogers launches BlackBerry 8820, expects no rah, rah, sis boom bah

Rogers has seen fit to add yet another 'Berry to its collection, we give you the BlackBerry 8820. This sorta winsome device packs everything you know and love about the 8800 into a strikingly familiar package -- OK, identical -- package and adds WiFi for the Rogers Home Calling Zone UMA service. Excited about finally having some WiFi for all that web wandering you're doing during coffee break or while chilling at the water cooler? No need to be, like the recently announced BlackBerry 8120, the WiFi here only plays with the UMA service. Of course, it could well come with an OS refresh, so that might make a few smile, but other than that we think putting your money back in your pocket's the way to go. Pricing is set at $349 on 3 years with voice and data, $449 on a straight 3-year, and $499 (ouch!) on 2. Seriously Rogers, until you can release a half decent data plan -- iPhone data plan aside -- don't you think your loyal following deserve a little wireless break?