Meridian breaks bank, hearts with M810 video system

Steven Kim
S. Kim|06.21.08

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Meridian breaks bank, hearts with M810 video system
Meridian M810 projector
If pairing the Meridian's lowly MF10 projector with your DSP7200 speakers is just too "entry level" for you, Meridian has a kind of HTIB to show you. The M810 video system (yeah, it's a system) consists of 800 Series electronics, a 7.1 speaker setup built around the DSP7200 speakers, and a new M810 Projector. The term 'HTIB' doesn't really capture this setup accurately, but replace 'box' with 'super-great-audio-video-enclave' and you get the gist of it. The M810 Projector makes use of JVC-sourced 4k D-ILA silicon in conjunction with a 850-Watt lamp to pump out 10-megapixel video. Our friends at CEPro were pretty impressed by the demo; and it'd be just plain rude to the setup crew to say otherwise, seeing as how they spend four days setting up and calibrating each M810 system. Yours for $175,000, home not included. Father's Day has passed, but there's always next year, right?

[Image courtesy CEPro]
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