Meridian breaks bank, hearts with M810 video system

If pairing the Meridian's lowly MF10 projector with your DSP7200 speakers is just too "entry level" for you, Meridian has a kind of HTIB to show you. The M810 video system (yeah, it's a system) consists of 800 Series electronics, a 7.1 speaker setup built around the DSP7200 speakers, and a new M810 Projector. The term 'HTIB' doesn't really capture this setup accurately, but replace 'box' with 'super-great-audio-video-enclave' and you get the gist of it. The M810 Projector makes use of JVC-sourced 4k D-ILA silicon in conjunction with a 850-Watt lamp to pump out 10-megapixel video. Our friends at CEPro were pretty impressed by the demo; and it'd be just plain rude to the setup crew to say otherwise, seeing as how they spend four days setting up and calibrating each M810 system. Yours for $175,000, home not included. Father's Day has passed, but there's always next year, right?

[Image courtesy CEPro]