eMachines bores us to tears, burns our eyes with cheap new desktops

Let's get one thing straight, we're huge fans of budget-priced gear. Yes, even bargain bin PCs that are done right. But eMachines' latest trio is just downright embarrassing. Still, those that don't mind covering their tower in a brown paper bag may find just what they need in the $299.99 T3656, $399.99 T5254 or $498 W3653 kit (pictured). Specs wise, you'll find Intel's Celeron / Pentium dual-core processors, a DVD burner, six USB ports, 1GB to 2GB of RAM, a 160GB or 320GB hard drive, 15-in-1 multicard reader and an equally hideous 17-inch LCD monitor bundled in with just the latter. Oh, and eMachines actually expects you to run Vista on these things and not rip every last hair from your noggin. Enjoy!

[Via DigitalBurn]