Denon releases 'me too' SYS-56HT 5.1 speaker system in Japan

We're typically envious of all the products that get rolled out to the Japanese market early or exclusively, but this is one case where we just don't feel like we're missing out on much. Denon has introduced the SYS-56HT 5.1-speaker system for Japan, and it just fails to get us excited. Of course, this assembly could pump out mind-blowingly-good sound, but somehow we doubt it's anything exceptional. The ¥37,800 ($357) kit is comprised of SC-A56 front/rear speakers and an SC-C56 center channel, each speaker packing a pair of 5.7-cm drivers. The bass is filled out by the DSW-56 subwoofer -- a 16-cm driver backed by a 30-Watt (50-Watt peak) amplifier. Again, this kit probably sounds fine, but it's one SKU we won't be disappointed if it doesn't take up residence in the already-crowded HTIB aisle. [Warning: PDF link]

[Via Cybertheater]