Elgato's USB EyeTV DTT Deluxe tuner handles DVB-T / Freeview

Folks traveling to DVB-T / Freeview land (that would be across the pond for you Yankees) should certainly give thought to how they're going to receive their much needed dose of OTA programming while there. If you're still living without a USB tuner, have a gander at Elgato's latest. The EyeTV DTT Deluxe snaps right into any spare USB port (on a Mac, that is) and picks up DVB-T / Freeview signals within range. Bundled in, you'll find the recently released EyeTV 3 software, two types of aerial antennas and an EyeTV remote. Folks in Europe can snatch the unit right now for €79.95 ($126), and while we're hoping for an ATSC version to surface shortly, there's nothing to signify that our dreams are close to coming true.

[Via 123MacMini]