Toshiba rolls out budget-priced Camileo H10 HD camcorder

It looks like those wanting to get some HD recoding done on the cheap but not willing to venture into some less familiar territory now have a new option to consider from Toshiba, which is set to release its new Camileo H10 camcorder. It'll give you the usual 720p recording, along with a 5x optical zoom, a 10-megapixel sensor, 64MB of memory, an SDHC card slot for expansion, image stabilization, motion detection and, of course, an HDMI output to let you view your low-budget masterpieces. No word on a release 'round these parts, unfortunately, but those in the UK can apparently get their hands on one at the end of the month for £180 ($360, or less once the VAT and whatnot are taken out of the equation).

[Via Tech Digest]