Epson churns out 1080p PowerLite Pro Cinema 7100 and 7500 UB projectors

The HD projector flood gates have officially opened here at CEDIA, and next down the waterfall is Epson. The company is introducing the PowerLite Pro Cinema 7100 (shown after the break) and 7500 UB (pictured above) today, both of which boast a full 1,920 x 1,080 native resolution using the latest-generation 3LCD chips. As for the former, it features an 18,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio while the latter comes up with 75,000:1. Hit the read link for lots, lots more details on the pair, but here's the low-down on pricing / availability. The Pro Cinema 7100 ships in November for just under $3,000; the Pro Cinema 7500 UB lands just before Christmas for around $4,500.