Dreamworks (& Steven Spielberg) sign distribution deal with Universal

Finally separate from Paramount, DreamWorks doesn't appear to have wasted any time inking a seven year distribution deal with Universal. While we shouldn't expect anything to change too drastically -- the deal kicks in next year, with the first Universal-distributed DreamWorks flicks likely hitting theaters in 2010, while Paramount hangs onto sequel and remake rights for films it's already distributed -- it does mark one change that could have an effect on the high definition landscape: the return of Steven Spielberg (quoted saying "Universal has always been my home base, so this agreement starts a new chapter in what has been a long and successful association") to Universal. After several Spielberg movies were erroneously listed as Coming Soon to HD DVD, we're still waiting for Jurassic Park, E.T. and Jaws on high definition discs. If they're not already in the works, lets hope someone (where is Michael Bay when we need him, since Jeffrey Katzenberg's never going to bring it up) thinks to mention this to Mr. Spielberg before the ink dries on the new deal.