Panasonic firms up pricing for Lumix DMC-G1 mini-DSLR for mid-November launch

We had it on good authority that Panasonic's Micro Four Thirds debut, the Lumix DMC-G1, was tracking for a November release at $799, and Panasonic USA just dropped some PR to exactly that effect. We'd prefer an exact calendar date to Panny's vague "mid-November" timeframe, but we're sure we'll live. Alongside the camera Panasonic will be launching the Lumix G Vario 45-200mm / F4.0-5.6 / MEGA O.I.S. telephoto Micro Four Thirds lens for $350. Panasonic's also still chatting up a G1 followup for 2009 that will include HD video capabilities, which probably should've made it into round one if you ask us.