BlackBerry Application Suite for Windows Mobile spotted virtualizin' in the wild

It looks like RIM's virtualization software is getting close to materializing for end users on Windows Mobile, a bold statement by the company that it's not the least bit afraid that extending the BlackBerry ecosystem to WinMo devices in a far more rich, attractive, and useful way than BlackBerry Connect ever could won't risk cannibalizing sales of its own devices. Shots of the so-called BlackBerry Application Suite running on a Fuze have shown up, looking darn near as polished as a native RIM handset -- except you won't find anything like this form factor from RIM, now will you? All told, that makes it a good option not just for folks that are stuck to Windows Mobile, but also to anyone looking for their nonexistent QWERTY slide BlackBerry. Unfortunately, there's no telling when this thing is going live, but hey, at least it isn't vaporware.

[Thanks, Mark D.]