Intel reportedly planning new lower-cost processor for ultra-thin laptops

Intel may be looking at bringing its Atom processor to some non-netbook laptops, but it looks like it's also planning to venture into some slightly more profitable territory, with CNET reporting that the company is on track to release a new Core-architecture processor for ultra-thin laptops later this year. That processor would apparently be priced well above the low-cost Atom, but below the likes of the Core 2 Duo "S" processor used in current ultra-thin laptops like the MacBook Air and Voodoo Envy 133. Unfortunately, Intel doesn't seem to be quite ready to get much more specific than that, with it only saying that the processor could be used in laptops that are less than one inch thick, and that the processor itself would measure just 22 x 22-millimeters. As CNET points out, that pretty much places the processor squarely in competition with AMD's new Athlon Neo, which is also going after that same, presumably more profitable middle ground.