Pirate underdogs victorious in first round of EVE Alliance PvP Tournament

You killed KIA. You bastards!

The EVE Online Alliance PvP Tournament returned this past weekend, guns blazing. The first qualifying round is now finished, huge bets in ISK were won and lost, and the competitors are preparing themselves for next weekend's face-offs. There were some good fights, and some surprises as well. When the relatively new pirate alliance "The Bastards" went toe to toe against KIA Alliance -- a formidable mercenary alliance in EVE Online comprised of seasoned combat pilots, many players assumed KIA would win. Those assumptions were wrong -- The Bastards scored a decisive victory against their opponents, no doubt to the chagrin of many players who bet against the pirates.

One combatant from The Bastards, a career pirate (in EVE) named "Flashfresh", wrote about the experience of preparing to face some heavy competition from KIA Alliance and how their time spent in training paid off. Flashfresh wrote: "This afternoon, the team was announced, moved to a staging area and the Ventrilo server became a cacophony of mad noise. The rest (including me) cheered ourselves hoarse. There was no worry or fear amongst the Bastards team; no talk about the opposition only on how we were going to do. The entire corp had volunteered time and resources to train and train and train. We were ready."

Apparently so. The fight lasted for only 3 minutes, with KIA losing all eight of their ships opposed to The Bastards' two downed pilots. While this has only been the first of two qualifying rounds in Alliance Tournament VI, The Bastards are off to a good start.

If you're curious about how a PvP tournament match in EVE is run, you can check out the YouTube video embed below. (Although we'd recommend viewing it on the CCP Games YouTube page in higher quality to see more detail.)