Panasonic offers up SC-BT200 and SC-BT300 7.1 Blu-ray HTIB systems

Somehow, in the midst of the mayhem that was CES, we managed to gloss over a pair of swank HTIB systems from Panasonic. Sure, the DVD-based SC-PT770 and SC-PT670 units are all fine and dandy, but it's the Blu-ray-packin' SC-BT200 and SC-BT300 that really have our attention. Each bundle includes a 7.1-channel audio system with "wireless ready" rear speakers, an integrated iPod dock and a BD deck with the ability to connect to the internet and suck down BD-Live content. The only notable difference between the two sets seems to be the overall power ratings, with the BT300 cranking out 1,250 watts and the BT200 doling out "just" 1,000 watts. Both packages should be available this Spring for undisclosed prices.