Love is in the air as the Night of Murder goes live in Warhammer

Last week we brought you the news that the Night of Murder would be the precursor event to the ambitious Call to Arms live expansion to Warhammer Online. As February 14th inches ever closer (remember, your leveling partner might like a gift or two), the developers have pushed the first of these in-game events live to the servers. To accompany the new event, the Herald has a brand-new Grab Bag of bountiful information for you to sink your teeth into.

Some highlights:

  • All tasks for the event are unlocked from the get-go. No need to wait to get into the thick of it.

  • Roughly 2 out of every 10 players will be marked, so there should be plenty of death to go around. Additionally, all keep lords are marked.

  • Credit for marked kills goes to the group that killed the marked player; keep lords slain during the event bestow credit to everyone involved in taking out the keep.

  • Rewards for the event include: a special title, a unique Night of Murder trophy, and at the top tier a unique trinket that will give you +5% renown when you're participating in RvR. That last item has a level 35 item restriction placed on it.

For the full story, make sure to check out our interview with Jeff Hickman about the event, the official event page on the WAR site, and the full Grab Bag about the Night of Murder.

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