Kitchen-safe Demy recipe reader could revolutionize your cooking

While we can only assume that "kitchen-safe" means that it won't melt when tossed accidentally in the oven nor be fazed by splattering hot grease, we'd still exercise a good deal of caution when reading off of the Demy digital recipe reader. Crafted by Key Ingredient, this here device packs a sealed 7-inch display, storage for up to 2,500 recipes and USB connectivity for syncing with your PC. Furthermore, it provides three kitchen timers, a measurement conversion calculator and an ingredient substitution dictionary to get cooks out of a pinch if they are one special ingredient short. Currently, the device is listed as "shipping soon" from Amazon, though we'd probably start scrounging up those three Benjamins if you hope to own one free and clear whenever "soon" turns to "now."

[Via PopGadget]