Doc Marks discusses evolution of the PlayStation motion controller

Doctor Richard Marks, known among gamers as the PhD behind the EyeToy, discussed the evolution of the Playstation motion controller technology -- revealed by Sony during E3 2009 -- with PC World. Marks said that experience with the EyeToy, along with other data, showed Sony that, while gamers did have fun experiences with the physical movement of the original peripheral, they still desired the precision and complete control in a fast, effective way. Upon this realization, Sony opted to leave the concept of control-free gaming behind and advanced to the dual-wand prototype showcased at E3 2009. "We designed our new control system to accomplish all of this. We believe the path we have chosen is an ideal combination of both spatial and action/button input," Marks told PC World.

When prodded about comments made by Shigeru Miyamoto, who said he was "flattered" by Sony and Microsoft's motion-control direction, Marks respectfully agreed that -- while the EyeToy predates Nintendo's new console -- the Ninendo Wii was an important advancement that "broadened the gaming market and enabled new experiences." As for camera-only control, Marks says the tech can work but it's difficult to resonate with players who get more gratification out of using a tactile device. Attempts to uncover release details or the price-point of PlayStation's yet-to-be officially named motion controllers proved futile, but Marks promises the device to hit stores by Spring 2010.