Hulu might be looking to subscriptions to turn digital pennies into digital dollars

Other than the lack of HD content, Hulu is a pretty slick service -- in fact it is a glimpse of our content dream, whatever you want, whenever you want. But according to NBC Universal's TV chief, Marc Graboff, Hulu is still looking for ways "to turn those digital pennies into digital dollars." Although the technology for digital delivery has been around for some time, actually making money on it has been another story. Hulu is determined to make it work though and is trying all kinds of things "like adding inventory (more advertising) or creating a subscription model with different windows" -- now when he says Windows, he doesn't mean the things we look out of, he means limited availability of shows. We'd argue that release windows are currently the worst part of all the digital delivery services today, but as much as we hope Hulu figures it out, based on our own polls, most aren't willing to pay a subscription for Hulu's current offerings.