Bang & Olufsen's BeoVision 7 LCD grows to 55-inches, makes room for Blu-ray not frugality

Willing to pay anything for your home entertainment system so long as it's Danish? There's a good chance that Bang & Olufsen's BeoVision 10 40-incher just wasn't enough for you. If you're dropping the kind of dough that thing costs ($8,700) you want something impressive, right? Enter the BeoVision 7, shipping in a few weeks. Despite having a lower model number it receives a 15-inch boost, up to 55-inches total, but drops the refresh rate to 120Hz from the 10's 240Hz. It's LED-backlit with local dimming to boost contrast, has not one but two different motorized stand options, and manages to make room inside for a Blu-ray player. The cost? $18,700 with (non-motorized) stand and the custom-tailored center channel speaker you see above -- roughly twice the BeoVision 10 and a good bit more than this was originally supposed to launch for. Consider this the recession-buster cousin of the $93,050 BeoVision 4.