Phoenix Wright judged appropriate for WiiWare re-release in Japan

The latest issue of Famitsu confirms what a USK rating hinted: Phoenix Wright is coming to WiiWare. Capcom is porting the DS games (or, if you'd rather, the Game Boy Advance games) to Wii one at a time, to be released in Japan starting December 15. Judging from what we can see (which isn't much -- portions of cell phone images of screenshots), the graphics aren't enhanced for Wii at all.

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney will be available in Japan on December 15 for 900 Wii Points, with the two Phoenix Wright sequels following on January 26 and February 23 for 1200 Wii Points each. The original case added to the DS version of the first Ace Attorney will be out on March 16 for 300 Points.

And now begin the process of reminding ourselves that we've already played all of this content, and just because it's being released again in a different format doesn't mean we have to buy it again. The fact that no announcements have been made about a North American release should help.