Sierra Wireless' dual form factor AirCard 504 for AT&T gets FCC'd

ExpressCard and PC Card slots both seem in danger of going the way of the dodo right now, but they're not dead yet -- far from it -- which means that carriers still have a vested interest in making sure there are data cards ready to suck $60 out of your wallet in exchange for 5GB of 3G data. So far, AT&T's only been selling a USB modem that's capable of taking advantage of its newly-christened 7.2Mbps markets, which means they've got to get a move on with those other form factors -- and by all accounts, it seems that's where this AirCard 504 comes into play. Rumored previously as the "Triple Lindy," this bad boy should come bundled with a PC Card adapter (just like its AirCard 503 cousin) and feature support up to full 21Mbps HSPA+, although the best you'll likely ever get out of it connected to an AT&T cell is 7.2. We don't have intel on a release date right now, but we imagine they're itching to get this one out there -- the carrier doesn't offer any ExpressCard option at the moment, amazingly.