Verizon getting Palm Pre Plus and Android-powered Motorola Devour?

We're still not totally clear on how exactly Verizon intends to enter (or rather, re-enter) the Palm stage in 2010; we know there's definitely a WiFi-equipped CDMA Pixi out there that'll likely find its way into Big Red's clutches, but otherwise, we really need to wait for this event at CES next month. Well, maybe -- we've got another little clue here in the form of some tips to PhoneArena stating that a "Pre Plus" has found its way into the carrier's systems, which fits in nicely with info we'd previously received from one of our trusted sources that Verizon's Pre would be somehow "different" from Sprint's though we don't yet know how. As far as we can tell, this isn't the same as that WiFi Pixi (wouldn't it be confusing if it was?), so we should probably expect at least two webOS models on Verizon over the next few months. In other news, that Motorola Calgary (pictured) appears to be shaping up as the "Devour" with a 3 megapixel cam and Blur running on Android 2.1 -- yes, 2.1, not 1.5, which should give hope to CLIQ owners that an update is probably in the works. Finally, there's talk of an LG VS750 in a mega-thin form factor running WinMo 6.5 with global roaming capability, but we don't have a picture of that one just yet. Anyhow, back to the Pre Plus, we're accepting all guesses as to what the "Plus" in the name might stand for -- 16GB of integrated storage or a microSD slot seem like obvious candidates, but feel free to get creative with us.

[Image via BGR]