Palm smartphone pops up in WiFi certification database: is this Verizon's Pre?

Look, let's not beat around the bushes -- Verizon Wireless will one day stock Palm's Pre. It's a rather well documented fact, and at this point the only real question is "when?" Judging by a mysterious Wi-Fi Certificate that just popped up, we're beginning to think that the waiting period is nearly up, and with CES 2010 happening in a week, there's hardly a better time for us to really start believing. If you'll recall, Sprint's Pre snagged a Wi-Fi Certificate number of P100EWW, and just this summer we spotted a few leaked Palm devices within VZW documents with "P101" and "P121" monikers; lo and behold, the certificate for this elusive dual-mode (WiFi and cellular) smartphone boasts a P101EWW label. We aren't trying to read too deeply between the lines or anything, but if this isn't a Pre destined for Big Red, we're eager to know what kind of new mobile Palm has lined up for its presser at CES.

[Thanks, Rehman]