Canon announces new Wireless File Transmitter units for latest pro models, enables DSLR hive-minding

Canon's 5D Mark II, 7D, and 1D Mark IV have all been released within the past year, more or less, and now they're finally getting the WFT treatment. Canon's Wireless File Transmitter units naturally enable the wireless beaming of pictures from camera to computer, but this latest generation adds some new functionality. 802.11a joins the b and g modes found on earlier models, and once connected the camera can act as an FTP site (available over the internet, if you wish), can beam a realtime preview image to a connected computer, act as a DLNA server, and can even synchronize itself with up to 10 "slave" cameras that all fire at the same time. Naturally this kind of tech won't come cheap, with the 5D's WFT-E4 II A and 7D's WFT-E5A costing $699 (no price yet for the 1D Mark IV's WFT-E2 II A) and yes, rather sadly none are compatible with each other. Did you really think it'd be any other way?