IR-detecting OLED film could mean cheap night vision on everything

Night vision, once the exclusive property of military special forces and dreadlock'd aliens, has over the past few years become far more accessible for the everyman -- even everymen with small pockets. But, we could be on the verge of a green-screen revolution if research taking place at the University of Florida, led by Dr. Franky So, comes to fruition. He and his students are working on OLED film that is excited by infrared. Multiple layers of the stuff convert that light into a spectrum that we can see and, if all goes well, could be inexpensively layered onto anything from glasses to car windshields. So is indicating this film could start production in 18 months, but given the accuracy of original predictions regarding monstrously huge yet inexpensive OLED displays we won't exactly be holding our collective breath over here.