NY Attorney General investigating claims of profiling in iPad sales

For Apple to have said "no cash for iPads" is one thing -- but interviewing would-be NYC iPad buyers of Asian descent before they make their purchases? Another thing entirely.

Ben Smith at Politico reports that Apple is offering "complete" cooperation in an investigation by the Civil Rights Bureau of the New York State attorney general's office, answering complaints from Queens residents that they were being treated differently than Caucasian customers when trying to purchase iPads at the Soho & 14th St. stores.

Back in May, when the shoppers complained to their state Assembly representative, the iPad was still a US-only offering, and Apple had a keen interest in keeping iPads off the gray market. A source told Politico that there was a brief period where a questionnaire was used to try to discover when multiple-iPad purchases might be headed for overseas resale; the questionnaire was quickly discontinued.

Richard Bamberger, communications director for NY's attorney general (and gubernatorial candidate) Andrew Cuomo, told Politico in an email that Apple has been "very cooperative" during the investigation. "The matter is still ongoing but we have every expectation that it will be resolved expeditiously and fairly," Bamberger said.