What is a Castlevania Puzzle trailer? A miserable little pile of footage

We're conflicted about this Castlevania Puzzle: Encore of the Night trailer and, by extension, about the iPhone puzzler itself. On one hand, we like Castlevania and we like falling block puzzle games, and think that the RPG elements cribbed from Symphony of the Night could make this one enjoyable.

On the other hand, it seems ... profane to crack the brilliant Symphony of the Night open and repurpose it in this manner. Maybe it's just us, but seeing Symphony of the Night's sprites and plot reduced to motivation for matching blocks makes us squirm a bit. We wouldn't be so offended if it weren't such a highly revered game -- even if it were other Castlevania. Castlevania Bloodlines Puzzle would be weird, but not offensive.

We must keep in mind that the existence of this game in no way impugns the real Symphony of the Night. We should also remember that this is hardly the first Castlevania game to reuse sprites from another.