Sony VAIO Y and Z Series morph into MiFis with Share My Connection

Well, this is certainly something that makes sense for laptops. Taking a page from the MiFi and smartphones like the Palm Pre, select Sony VAIO Z and Y series laptops will soon be available with a Share My Connect (SMC) feature, which -- you guessed it -- turns the machines into WiFi hotspots. In the U.S. the ultraportables will be available with Verizon mobile broadband, and big red's signal can be shared with up to five devices. It's unclear how much extra this feature will cost you, but at least it makes the dedicated laptop mobile broadband charge a bit more digestible given the fact that you can share it with other gadgets. Obviously, Windows and Mac software has enabled this sort of thing for awhile, but Sony's SMC clearly makes it easy for the end user to set it all up. In other news, the Sony Y series has also been adorned in the colors of the rainbow and will feature Intel's newest Core i3 and i5 ULV processors. No updates to the VAIO Z at this point, but that could be because it's pretty close to perfect. That's all we've got folks, though you can always peruse the press release after the break. %Gallery-95533%

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Subject: Media Alert: VAIO Z and Y Series Laptops Act as Hotspots for Up to Five Devices

WHAT: The VAIO Z and Y Series PCs are the world's first out-of-the box laptops that act as a personal hotspot. Select models of these series feature the exclusive new Sony embedded wireless technology called Share My Connection™ (SMC). With SMC you can turn your laptop into a mobile wireless access point that can connect up to five other PCs or networked devices, such as smartphones, mp3 players, and cameras. A subscription is required.

WHO: A perfect built-in network solution for business travelers, those on-the-go or anyone looking to save some money by sharing a single network connection, Share My Connection is secure and lets you extend your connectivity with coworkers, friends, and family members.

The Z model offers premium portability and serious power. A breeze to carry at about 3.0 lbs, this PC features a durable carbon fiber and aluminum casing and delivers up to seven hours of battery life for true mobile freedom. It incorporates a 13.1-inch high-resolution LED backlit widescreen display, delivering a bright picture with 100 percent color saturation. The extremely thin unit also comes with an optical drive (Blu-ray optical drive optional).

Just in time for back-to-school season, the Y Series laptops comes in five new exciting colors including purple violet, fuchsia pink, pear green, teal blue and black. With a thin 1.2-inch profile and 13.3-inch LED backlit widescreen display, the sleek Y model offers lower power consumption for improved battery life for that active student lifestyle.

WHEN: Available now for pre-sale at and at select retailers around the country for about $770 for the VAIO Y Series and $1950 for the VAIO Z Series. To find the closest Sony Style store, please visit