Alleged Russian spies used WiFi and pre-paid cellphones, got caught anyways

Are the new crop of Russian spies nerds like us? We doubt it (we probably have more in common with Lil Wayne than a certain "Anna Chapman," if that is her real name). How do they do their dirty work, then? Apparently their kit is mostly off-the-shelf: including laptops and flash memory cards. According to the FBI, two of the recently accused perps would meet at a coffee shop in Manhattan every Wednesday, where one would sit inside, while they other passed by in a van. When in range, they would connect over WiFi and transfer encrypted communications over their network. (The FBI was able to sniff this out using commercial software. Had they used ultra-wideband radio, however, the investigator's task would probably have been all but impossible). It's also believed that the spies used pre-paid cellphones to communicate. One such unit, purchased by Chapman, had the following listed for her address: 99 Fake Street. It just goes to show you that all the gadgetry in the world will not protect you from your lack of common sense.