Kaossonome rears its head; Guitar Center changes name to Arduino Center

Every time we turn around, there's another amazing new blinking, knobby, button-pressy little sound-maker making cute-weird-alien noises, lacing up our shoes or controlling our remote control cars for us, and it all seems to be Arduino's fault. That's fine by us.

Alexander Randon (his awesome, real name) has brought a devastatingly charming monster to the MIDI controller game in the Kaossonome - inspired, not-so-surprisingly, by Korg's Kaoss family and the minimalist Monome. It's a touchscreen laid on top of 256 LEDs, encased in a aluminum-wood-plexiglass box 8 chunky, push-button laced knobs. While none of these elements is particularly new, the whole package and execution just seems to kick things up a notch or two. Check out the green-glow mutant bassline after the break.