Navigon updates MobileNavigator with iOS4 multitasking, new maps and parking info

The popular Navigon app for the iPhone has had a significant update which is likely to please current owners and may get the company some new sales as well.

New features include Live Weather (which gives the current weather wherever you're going), parking information, iOS 4 integration -- including background navigation and Retina Display enhancements), and updates to the NAVTEQ maps included.

Additionally, there are some nice changes and improvements to the graphics, so this is a fairly substantial update. Read on for a little more insight.

The 3D Panorama view that shows topographic features had broken on the new retina displays, and now it renders properly on the higher resolution iPhone 4 screens.

Pricing has been adjusted downward. The US $79.99 US and Canada version are now $49.99 for the next 12 days. The US MyRegion versions are $17.99, down from the regular $29.99. Buyers of the regional apps will be happy to know that those versions will get all the new features included in the US-Canada version. Navigon also advises me that 3D Panorama View will be coming soon for the regional versions as an in-app purchase.

Some users have been confused at the loss of their traffic feature when they update. It's an extra charge option, and doesn't automatically re-install. All you have to do is go back to the app store and the store database will recognize that you have already paid for the feature and you can download it again.

I've always felt that the Navigon product was the premier iPhone Navigation app. Now, there are even more reasons to give it a try. I'll be taking an extended drive with the new version and will report back soon on how it works under real on the road conditions.