Buffalo's LT-V100 Link Theater streams every format under the sun at 1080p

If for some reason none of the media streamers on the market at the moment have suited your particular tastes, perhaps Buffalo's new LT-V100 Link Theater is just right. It's a little box offering HDMI and composite video plus optical and good 'ol 3.5mm audio outputs, able to manage 1080pwhen streaming content either over Ethernet or pulling it right from USB-based storage. Naturally these little darlings live or die by their format compatibility, and in that regard Buffalo's is quite a fighter, able to play anything from RealVideo to Matroska, naturally with various flavors of MPEG, WMV, and Xvid along the way. It'll also do images and plenty of audio formats as well. All this can be yours later this month for ¥11,500 -- about $130 -- if you live in Japan.