FTC denies request for documents on Adobe complaint, confirms investigation of Apple's SDK rules?

Sure, Apple and Adobe aren't the best of friends, but their disagreement goes a little further than mild distaste. Apple moved to ban iOS apps not written through its own developer framework (SDK), which more or less killed off Adobe's iPhone Flash developer tools. Adobe in turn issued a complaint to the FTC, a complaint that Wired requested a copy of under the Freedom of Information Act. The release of that complaint was denied on the grounds that "disclosure of that material could reasonably be expected to interfere with the conduct of the Commission's law enforcement activities." That is another strong indication that the FTC is currently investigating Apple and deciding whether the company is acting properly by preventing third-party access to its iOS devices. What's next? We likely won't hear anything until the FTC makes up its mind, and even then only if it decides Apple isn't playing as nice as it should be.