HomeSun to install gratis solar panels on UK roofs, hope for reimbursement

As the story goes, the UK government is helping to subsidize the installation of solar panels on homes around the country, and HomeSun is hoping to make a name for itself by providing a bit of encouragement for those on the fence. Reportedly, the outfit will be providing and installing 2.5 kWh to 4 kWh systems -- which typically range between £11,000 and £15,000 -- for precisely nothing on abodes with "optimally sited and sized roofs." Post-install, HomeSun will receive government funds over 25 years, and at any point, customers can buy the system off on a straightline depreciation basis and start receiving the feed-in tariff themselves. Better still, those who don't meet the "free" qualifications can still get in on the goodness for a one-time fee of £500 and a £5/month maintenance charge. We'd suggest you apply quick, though -- the company will only be installing 100,000 systems over the next three years.