BlackBerry Torch 9800 gets the Colorware treatment, sees value increase infinitely

So look -- RIM's BlackBerry Torch 9800 isn't exactly the barnburner-of-a-smartphone that we were hoping it'd be, but at least it looks snazzy, right? Right? Regardless of your answer to that, it's a bona fide fact that Colorware has outdone itself on this one. Usually, it's most fun to toy around with the company's endless array of hues in order to create the most hideous version of your favorite gadget before pretending to hit the order button, but for whatever reason, the first handset to ship with BlackBerry OS 6 actually looks dapper in red and white. Or maybe that's just the Wolfpack in us talking. Either way, it's available to customize now in the source link for $250 (send your own) or $1,050 (buy new sans a contract). Video's after the break, should you need one.

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Blackberry Torch 9800

WINONA, MN September 3, 2010 --- With enhanced features and a new design, the Blackberry Torch has everything you've been hoping for in a smartphone. Now, ColorWare can help you customize it to fit your on-the-go lifestyle.

Choose a subtle color scheme, one that's sure to make you stand out, or any combination you can imagine. Once you decide, you have the option of sending in a Torch you already own for customization, or you can easily buy a new one directly from our website.

Check out the ColorWare design studio and find your favorite combination. You can also play videos, see images, and use our interactive 360 section.