Common Sense Media: 72 percent of parents support proposed Calif. violent game law

The non-profit, family-centric organization known as Common Sense Media recently published the results of a nationwide poll conducted by Zogby International, which asked 2,100 parents about their stance on the contested California law that would ban the sale of "offensively violent" games to minors. According to a press release from the group, 72 percent of respondents support the ban, while 75 percent would "rate the video game industry negatively when it comes to how they protect kids from violent video games."

Said Common Sense Media founder James Steyer: "What we've learned from this poll is that parents want to be the ones who decide which games their kids play, not the video game industry."

Of course, the Supreme Court isn't ruling on who decides which games kids play. The court's ruling on whether First Amendment protections can be waived for games deemed by ... someone to be too violent, formalizing a policy already adopted by major retailers into a California state law. Parents, as far as we know, still have the final say over what media their kids are allowed to consume -- not the video game industry, the ESRB, Governor Schwarzenegger or even the Supreme Court.

Then again, when you support your position with videos like the one posted after the jump (the link to which was included in Common Sense's press release), we can understand why parents might lose the equanimity required to make that distinction.