CiragoTV platinum CMC3000 network multimedia center announced to join set top box masses

Not satisfied with the current rat pack of set top media players flooding the market like the Popbox, Boxee Box, AppleTV, or WD Elements Play? Then perhaps the CiragoTV platinum CMC3000 might tickle your fancy. Yes it lacks brand name recognition, but it's no slouch in the specs department and supports all manner of codecs, 1080p playback, UPnP networking, timeshift recording, and even includes a built-in NAS with a BitTorrent client. Connectivity wise, the box features an HDMi output, two USB ports for tacking on additional storage, and a media card reader that also takes MemorySticks for you die-hard Sony fans. Though it's sold in 500GB for $229, considering the 1TB sizes is only $249, we're not sure who'd balk at coughing up an additional $20 for double the storage. Remember that's twice the space for Voltron folks. For more details watch the PR video after the break.