Pixel Qi announces development of 7-inch screen, provides status update

We just got a status update from one of Pixel Qi's earliest customers, Notion Ink, last week, and we've now finally gotten a pretty significant update on the state of things from the company itself. In addition to announcing that it's completed the first tranche of its Series B funding, Pixel Qi has also revealed for the first time that it currently has a 7-inch screen for tablets and e-reader in development, and that it's set to go into mass production in the first half of next year -- it notes that samples could be available by the end of the year, though. Pixel Qi's Mary Lou Jespen also explained that tight supply and maxed out factory usage combined with the "disruptive" iPad accounted for a number of tablet delays over the spring and summer, but she says that manufacturers have used the downtime to refine their designs into products that are "highly differentiated from the iPad," and adds that Pixel Qi will be announcing additional products using its displays sometime in the future.