Hasselblad H4D-31 cuts the entry price for medium format excellence to $13k

It might cost as much as a small car at €9,995 ($13,132) before tax, but believe it or not, the H4D-31 represents one of Hasselblad's most affordable offerings to date. Promising to bring all the goodness of the H4D-40, but at a more reasonable price point, this new shooter offers 31 megapixels of resolution and a choice of either an 80mm prime lens or a CF-lens adapter to let you attach V-System gear you've already got in your inventory. As such, it's attempting to perform the fine balancing act of appealing to both system stalwarts looking to go digital and DSLR enthusiasts tempted to step up to a larger sensor. We're still in love with Nikon's D3S, but you've got to admit, that H-embossed focusing ring sure looks sexy.

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Copenhagen, September 22nd 2010

Hasselblad expands its H4D line with the new H4D-31

The H4D-31 – the perfect digital medium format alternative for 35mm DSLR photographers and for V-customers who are ready to transition to digital.

Following the enthusiasm with which the H4D-40 has been embraced, Hasselblad was inspired to offer photographers the H4D-31, bringing the ultimate in image quality to high end 35mm DSLR photographers who want to step up to medium format. At the same time, Hasselblad wanted to offer its V-System customers a digital alternative by bundling the H4D-31 with a CF-lens adapter for mounting V-System lenses.

The H4D-31 delivers the same superior image quality that is the hallmark of the Hasselblad name. Thanks, in part, to the combination of its low noise color filters, Hasselblad Natural Color Solution (HNCS), with its single color profile, and exquisite performance of the HC/HCD line of lenses, the H4D-31 provides color accuracy, excellent detail and clarity – everything you'd expect from a Hasselblad camera and more.

Equipped with the same advanced technology as the H4D-40, the H4D-31, features Hasselblad's True Focus, which provides focusing accuracy throughout the image field – even at close range with shallow depth-of-field. Hasselblad's innovative use of yaw rate sensor technology solves the challenge of having to focus and recompose in order to acquire a focus point outside the center area of multi-point AF systems. True Focus ensures that photographers quickly and accurately achieve the desired focus at any point.

Currently shipping, the H4D-31 is available in two configurations, both with the latest version of Hasselblad's Phocus 2.6 software. The first, designed for high end 35mm DSLR photographers comes bundled with an 80mm lens. The other offers a digital medium format solution for V-System users by bundling the H4D-31 with a CF-lens adapter. Both options are priced at 9,995 Euro (+tax).