Crazy, beautiful human being designs 3D raycaster engine for Arduino

Look, not everybody gets to be super smart. Some of us have to struggle along with our mediocre intellects and just bask in the glory of genius. Like this time: we ran into Adam Wolf at Maker Faire in New York, and while many burgeoning hackers were using their Arduino to flip LEDs on and off in vaguely interesting ways, Adam was showing off a 3D raycaster engine. It's like witnessing some sort of alternate history where Wolfenstein 3D came out for Atari first. Just to give you an idea of the technical challenge: half of the Arduino's memory is used up by the frame buffer alone! The game is controlled and displayed using the Video Game Shield Arduino add-on from Wayne and Layne (Adam is Wayne), which enables RCA video output and compatibility with Wii nunchucks for dual analog control. Adam actually plans to add enemies and make a full game out of his engine, just to rub it in. Need some visual proof to believe all this? Check out a video after the break. The Video Game Shield will be up for purchase on September 29 for around $22, or you can buy it at the Maker Faire this weekend. %Gallery-103290%