ArcadeDock converts Lenovo laptop into retro gaming machine (video)

Darren Murph
D. Murph|10.14.10

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ArcadeDock converts Lenovo laptop into retro gaming machine (video)
Dean Liou, the same fellow responsible for the ToiletPC and LovePC, has just concocted what's likely his most splendorous mod yet. The ArcadeDock Laptop Dock is a half-height arcade machine, complete with a flame job from a dark corner of 1994, a full-on joystick + large button splay and a secret cabinet for a touchpad-equipped keyboard. Put simply, this rig is designed to hold an IdeaPad Y560, and when plugged in and connected via USB, the controls you're peering at above function exactly as you'd expect them to. Toss on a couple of your favorite ROMs (Street Fighter II, anyone?), grab a Go-Gurt and settle in -- a demonstrative video is after the break, and feel free to tap that Lenovo link below if you'd like to vote this mod up above the competition.

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