Nintendo patent application describes a grocery list app, takes the DS shopping

If your pocket or purse makes room for a smartphone there's a good chance you've started managing your shopping lists digitally. Nintendo, however, is trying to make an ever-greater case for taking your DS with you instead, and if instant trading of content with strangers isn't enough incentive, maybe tracking groceries is. Nintendo of America has applied for a patent describing an "in-store wireless shopping network using hand-held devices." Those devices are, of course, game systems, and the images with the patent app all show a DS being used to track needed quantities of such exciting items as milk, eggs, and salsa. The picture below gives an idea of what the interface might look like, talking to a database of items and their locations to give shoppers an idea of where to find things in the store. Net result? Planning your route becomes a thrilling strategy game -- or at least keeps you from getting lost in the supermarket, ensuring you can continue to shop happily.

Nintendo patent application describes a shopping list app, could finally domesticate the DS