NES cartridge repurposed as wireless router, exterior sticker and all

Maybe it's the green carpet in the background here, but dare we say that this is the most amazing thing we've seen in recent history. Or at least the past 24 hours. The Unconventional Hacker has gone above and beyond the call of duty with his latest hack job, the NES Cartridge Wireless Router. As the title implies, there's an actual Belkin Wireless G router (the F5D7230-4, for those curious) shoved inside of an authentic NES game cartridge. Better still, the instructions to whip this up yourself are just a click away in the source link, giving you precisely zero reasons to continue using the horrifically unsightly WLAN router that you currently are. Oh, and if it sporadically disconnects, we're hearing that a brief (albeit powerful) blow across the Ethernet jacks will fix things right up.