DVPRemote iOS app easily replaces your factory Roku remote (video)

This, friends, is what happens when convergence is approached correctly. Rather than asking you to keep yet another remote in the hopper, one Phil Irey has crafted DVPRemote -- a lovely iOS app that enables your iPhone or iPod touch to act as your main control mechanism for any Roku set-top box. The app itself has been floating around in the App Store for a tick, but its the newly released version 2.0 that's really of interest. This build ushers in a completely overhauled user interface, and aside from providing the standard Roku shuffle controls, it actually goes above and beyond to make your night easier. There's full integration with Netflix to support automated Instant Queue navigation, full keyboard support for any screen that requires text entry, direct navigation to user-organizable Channels, toolbars for added channel functionality within Netflix and support for the new "Instant Replay", "Info", and "Back" buttons. Heck, it's even compatible with iOS 4's background operation protocol. Head on past the break for a hearty demonstration, and tap that iTunes link when you're ready to ditch Apple's own Remote App and part ways with $2.99.

Update: Hey Android users -- looks like someone's lookin' out for you, too. Check out Roku Remote over on your side.

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