AR.Drone gets Urbi open source robot interface drivers, tracks a red rubber ball like nobody's business (video)

Just when we thought that Parrot's iPhone-controlled airship couldn't be any more of a blast, a gentleman named Psykokwak (yes, really) has been hard at work on an implementation of the URBI (Universal Robot Body Interface) for the AR.Drone. And what's more, he's gone and written a twenty-five line script that lets the thing to pick out -- and shadow -- a red rubber ball. Pretty awesome, right? You'll need an AR.Drone of course, as well as a computer (clients are available for PC, Linux, and Mac), the interface of your choice (joystick, keyboard, whatever) and of course -- for the current demonstration -- a red rubber ball. For the technical nitty gritty, check out the links below. But before you do make sure you peep the demonstration video after the break.