Mercedes electric SLS AMG E-Cell previewed: neck-snapping and retina-searing (video)

If ever a post needed a sunglasses warning this one is it. Check out that paint job. It's a pretty hot hue for a pretty hot car, the E-Cell, a Mercedes SLS AMG that has had its internal combustion assets stripped and replaced with not one, not two, but four electric motors. That's one per wheel, naturally, and if you add them all up you get the equivalent of 528hp, a little short of the production car's 563hp, but torque is up to 649ft/lbs from the stock car's 479 -- and being electric that's all available from the start. Sadly, though, twisting force isn't the only thing that's swelled, with this car adding a whopping 880lbs to an already heft 3,571. According to Auto Express that's had a decidedly negative effect on handling, but it does at least offer a quite respectable 125 mile range. No information yet on cost or when exactly Mercedes might put this thing into production, but earlier word was we won't see it on the streets anytime before 2013. You'd better prepare yourself now by staring at the sun for a few minutes a day, and do yourself a favor: start squinting before you click "play" on the video below.